Court Cases

CCFA wins a round in the suit petitioning for delisting of coho salmon south of San Francisco

February 28, 2017

Our ongoing quest to delist the coho salmon south of San Francisco has one a round in the California Supreme Court.  CCFA have been arguing for years that coho are NOT native south of San Francisco and that our streams cannot successfully support a coho population without continuous human intervention.  Ten years ago, we hit a roadblock […]

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July 11, 2016

The EPA WOTUS Rule is still hung up in the Sixth Circuit, but even if the Court ultimately rules against the EPA, they won’t give up seeking to put themselves in the middle of anything you do on your land. How are we to defend ourselves? We have just created a toolkit of legal cases […]

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SRA Fee (Fire Tax) Update

June 13, 2015

As fire tax season approaches again for this year, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) reports the following about SRA fees, aka the Fire Tax. The state has once again been able to delay the progress of the HJTA class action lawsuit challenging the legality of the SRA fee.  They report their “Motion to Certify […]

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Environmentalists must show direct harm to sue

February 3, 2015

Summers v Earth Island Institute – a case for forestry’s legal toolkit In a September 2009 PLF newsletter, PLF summarizes the case as follows: “The court restricted environmental organizations from challenging forest cleanup plans when the environmentalists cannot show they suffered direct harm.  Said PLF Litigation Director Jim Burling: This ruling makes it harder for environmental […]

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Can you be fined for violating an unrecorded easement? Breinig v. Martin County

November 10, 2014

Pacific Legal Foundation has taken on a Florida case that asks the question: is an unrecorded conservation easement enforceable? Robert and Anita Breinig own the Flash Beach Grille in Martin County, Florida.  Unknown to them, a previous owner had set aside a portion of the property under a conservation easement to obtain a county permit. […]

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SRA Fees Update: the lawsuit continues while the money funds a grant program 

November 3, 2014

The legislative session is over for 2014, but litigation continues on the validity of the State Responsibility Area “fire prevention fees”.  The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) reports that their suit to overturn the fee is being stalled by the state, which is filing “demurrers”, which are requests to dismiss the suit based on legal or […]

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Newsletters Archive

October 6, 2014

This is a transitional action to provide access our archived newsletters. Fall 2014 AB 1504 (Skinner, 2010) – What it Does AB 1504 Public/Stakeholder Comment Period Deadline: September 26, 2014 CCFA’s Response the AB 1504 Implementation EPA Water Map – Docket ID # EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880 – Stop the EPA’s Water of the United States redefinition CCFA Letter to […]

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Litigation Update 9/6/13 – Fire Taxes and Dusky Gopher Frogs

September 8, 2013

Fire Tax/SRA Fees The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced the next date in court for their challenge to the SRA fees/Fire tax will be: Date:  Thursday, November 21, 2013 Time:  9:00 a.m. Place:  Dept. 14, Sacramento Superior Court, 720 Ninth St., Sacramento The hearing is open to the public.  HJTA asks that if you come, […]

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PLF challenges “cap and trade” in court

August 4, 2013

For the last few years, the California Air Resources Board has been making rural lives miserable with the diesel regulations that have been threatening to make most of our equipment fleets illegal.  They have been busy bees in other areas, too.  One of the biggest business-suppressing schemes they have going is carbon credits, or “cap […]

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CCFA and coho 2013: The state jumps back into the fray while NMFS begins execution of plan

March 23, 2013

California Fish and Wildlife stuns Scott Creek residents with an attempted hijacking of their water rights The CCFA Board heard the first rumblings of this at our 2012 November Board meeting when Scott Creek resident Barbara McCrary reported all the locals had been told they would be prevented from drafting from their springs if the […]

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