Welcome to the Central Coast Forest Association

The Central Coast Forest Association is a non-profit alliance of small forest landowners, forestry professionals and forest-oriented businesses with a close affinity to the woods, mountains, streams and wildlife of the Central California Coast.  Our purpose is to uphold and preserve our values, our property rights, and our way of life.

To advance this objective, CCFA will:

Interact with community, political, and environmental interests as a voice for forest landowners.

Understand the news, law and technology of forestry and apply this knowledge for the benefit and protection of forest landowners.

Inform members of matters affecting their lands and forests.

Take political and legal action to defend the rights and property of all Central Coast forest land owners.

Latest News
Update – EPA extends comment period for new Clean Water Act rules

The Farm Bureau reports that the Environmental Protection Agency has extended its deadline for submitting comments about its proposed changes to the Clean Water Act regulations from July 21 to October 20.  Comment on a companion rule that interprets agricultural exemptions will extend from June 5 to July 7. Farmers, ranchers and forestry concerns have […]

Legislation Update June 30

This last week pushed a lot of CCFA’s bills of interest through committee hearings. The Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee heard AB-1709, AB-1739, AB-1867,  AB-1905 , AB-2031, AB-2142, AB-2184, AB-2193, AB-2239 and passed them all.  Most of them continued on to Senate Appropriations. The Senate Environmental Quality Committee heard AB-1711, AB-2465 and passed both […]

California legislation update: June 20

We have had hearings on June 10, June 17 and June 18, and more hearings are coming on June 24 and June 25.  Many of these bills are getting amended, and some have been completely transformed.  Here is our next set of correspondence on the bills, as well as the latest results. Bill AB-1686  Trespass Committee Senate floor […]