Welcome to the Central Coast Forest Association

The Central Coast Forest Association is a non-profit alliance of small forest landowners, forestry professionals and forest-oriented businesses with a close affinity to the woods, mountains, streams and wildlife of the Central California Coast.  Our purpose is to uphold and preserve our values, our property rights, and our way of life.

To advance this objective, CCFA will:

Interact with community, political, and environmental interests as a voice for forest landowners.

Understand the news, law and technology of forestry and apply this knowledge for the benefit and protection of forest landowners.

Inform members of matters affecting their lands and forests.

Take political and legal action to defend the rights and property of all Central Coast forest land owners.

Latest News
Legislation Update April 3, 2014

The gut-and-amend tango is underway already.  Here are the latest updates  AB-1707 just changed from a bill that theoretically discusses the composition of water quality control boards to a bill that adds Total Maximum Daily Load to a list of items that need an external scientific peer review before being enacted into a rule/regulation.  It might […]

Succession Planning, Part Two – Engaging your heirs

Disclaimer: We’re not claiming to be experts, but CCFA can certainly act as a clearing house for stories, ideas, problems, questions and so forth as we explore the topic together.  We think that if we each share the little bit we know, across all of us we can find most of the answers we need. […]

Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)

The Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) is a voluntary cost-share program for landowners who want to develop and improve wildlife habitat on agricultural land, nonindustrial private forestland and Indian land. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) administers WHIP to provide technical assistance and up to 75% cost-share assistance to establish and improve fish and wildlife […]