Welcome to the Central Coast Forest Association

The Central Coast Forest Association is a non-profit alliance of small forest landowners, forestry professionals and forest-oriented businesses with a close affinity to the woods, mountains, streams and wildlife of the Central California Coast.  Our purpose is to uphold and preserve our values, our property rights, and our way of life.

To advance this objective, CCFA will:

Interact with community, political, and environmental interests as a voice for forest landowners.

Understand the news, law and technology of forestry and apply this knowledge for the benefit and protection of forest landowners.

Inform members of matters affecting their lands and forests.

Take political and legal action to defend the rights and property of all Central Coast forest land owners.

Latest News
CCFA wins a round in the suit petitioning for delisting of coho salmon south of San Francisco

Our ongoing quest to delist the coho salmon south of San Francisco has one a round in the California Supreme Court.  CCFA have been arguing for years that coho are NOT native south of San Francisco and that our streams cannot successfully support a coho population without continuous human intervention.  Ten years ago, we hit a roadblock […]

California Legislation 22 August 2016

The legislative session has passed the final date to amend the bills, August 15, and is now rushing to complete passage of what remains on the books. The latest amendments on a number of bills raised some doubts on our part. AB-197 was significantly rewritten on August 19.  It now has much more social engineering […]


The EPA WOTUS Rule is still hung up in the Sixth Circuit, but even if the Court ultimately rules against the EPA, they won’t give up seeking to put themselves in the middle of anything you do on your land. How are we to defend ourselves? We have just created a toolkit of legal cases […]