Welcome to the Central Coast Forest Association

The Central Coast Forest Association is a non-profit alliance of small forest landowners, forestry professionals and forest-oriented businesses with a close affinity to the woods, mountains, streams and wildlife of the Central California Coast.  Our purpose is to uphold and preserve our values, our property rights, and our way of life.

To advance this objective, CCFA will:

Interact with community, political, and environmental interests as a voice for forest landowners.

Understand the news, law and technology of forestry and apply this knowledge for the benefit and protection of forest landowners.

Inform members of matters affecting their lands and forests.

Take political and legal action to defend the rights and property of all Central Coast forest land owners.

Latest News
CA legislation update April 17, 2015

We have submitted several letters to the legislature concerning our positions on a wide variety of bills.  Below, you may read the list.  We have also included our updated legislation table. This is a very unusual year in that there are several bills we find worthy of support and very few threats to our businesses […]

CA legislation update March 12 2015

Legislation 2015 – The bills are introduced The deadline for introducing new legislation (February 27) has passed.  Like usual, the bulk of the bills arrived in the last week, a total of 1500 bills in the Assembly and nearly 800 in the Senate.  There could be up to a dismaying 500+ “spot” bills that just […]

EPA Proposes Tightening Ground-level Ozone Limits

We first caught wind of this move at the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council conference in early December.  Briefly, the EPA is proposing to tighten the existing ground-level ozone standards from 75 ppb (parts per billion) to 65-70 ppb while taking comment on a 60 ppb level. The prescribed fire community was very alarmed about this […]