Legislation update May 17

by Cate Moore on May 20, 2013

Most of the serious action is taking place outside of the legislature itself.

AB 904, which creates the Working Forest Management Plan based on the Nonindustrial Timber Management Plan, is under attack in Santa Cruz County.

Supervisor John Leopold has been petitioned by the environmentalist community to try to exclude Santa Cruz County from the provisions of AB 904.  This is being heard in the Supervisor’s meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

CCFA has sent arguments to the supervisors hoping to persuade them that AB 904 is actually beneficial to Santa Cruz County forests, since it provides incentives and regulatory relief to a large number of its smaller landowners, thus ensuring that they remain forestland rather than suffer conversion to other uses.

Within the legislature, many bills have arrived in their respective Appropriations committees and been filed to their suspense file.  A few have made it through their house of origin and been sent to the other house.

All the details may be found in our status table:  CA Legislation Progress May_17_2013

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