Gold Spotted Oak Borer Update

by Cate Moore on March 11, 2013

The Goldspotted Oak Borer (GSOB) has now been confirmed in 6 trees near Idyllwild in Riverside County.  This pest had previously been confined to San Diego County, where it has killed at least 90,000 oaks.  CalFire believes the pest was transported from San Diego County in infested firewood.

The insect is native to eastern Arizona, but has no natural predators in California and California oaks are thus very vulnerable.

Since the bug is transported in firewood, the easiest and most effective steps to keep it contained are:

* Buy and burn only local firewood.

* Do not transport firewood wood out of your local area.

For  more information about the Goldspotted Oak Borer and the status on controlling it, see:

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