California legislation update – March 7, 2013

by Cate Moore on March 8, 2013

A lot has been happening in California legislation since the last post.  February 22 was the deadline for introducing new legislation, and there was a flood of bills introduced at the last minute.  At the end of the day, there were 2195 bills introduces, with at least 529 of them being “spot” bills that serve as placeholders for legislation that is “not ready for prime time”.   We view these bills as “sleepers” that can morph into anything later in the legislative season, often without warning or time to provide adequate analysis and feedback before they are hustled through the process.

The CCFA legislative team combed through the existing legislation by searching all of the bills for certain keywords that may lead to legislation that affects forestry.  Some of them are obvious: forest, forestry, timber and logging, for instance.  Others sit on the periphery of the realm of forestry, including fire, water, and environment, among others.  Those that survived our sort are listed in our status table below.

We will be updating this table frequently as the bills work their way through the legislature.  At the far right of the table is a link directly into the legislature’s website for that bill, where you may find the full text of the bill, analysis from the committees, voting records, and other status information.  We invite you to explore the available information and provide comment.

At certain set points, we will research the bills to see if any of the “spot” bills have come alive.  When they do, we will add them to the list.

Here is the status as of March 7, 2013

CA Legislation Progress_3_7_2013

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