CCFA and coho 2006: NMFS continues stonewalling while we publish our results

by Cate Moore on March 10, 2013

Complaint Regarding NMFS/NOAA Fisheries’ Failure to Comply with the Law by Reaching a Decision After 90 Days Concerning Our November 6, 2003 Petition

James Buchal filed a complaint on Bud McCrary’s requiring NMFS to respond to his petition as required by law.

Bud’s petition to delist the coho salmon south of San Francisco was received and acknowledged in November 2003, and he still has had no response, although the law requires a response within 90 days of receipt of a petition.  We are at two years and counting.

This complaint was submitted by James Buchal 12 January 2006.


Meanwhile, Fabian Alvarado keeps finding more information to back the CCFA/Big Creek case.  He sent this letter  to NMFS on 3 April 2006in an attempt to push them along.


Finally, in 2006, all of the research that Fabian, Bob Briggs and Victor Kaczynski had accumulated and written as a paper finally made it through the peer review process and was published in the August 2006 issue of Fisheries Magazine.  Look for the article “Assessment of the Southern Range Limit of North American Coho Salmon: Difficulties in Establishing Natural Range Boundaries”.  It contains an encapsulation of the CCFA big creek case.



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