Associated California Loggers Announces a Win in Negotiations with CARB

by CentCoastAdmin on February 21, 2013

On February 11, 2013, the ACL-CFA working group announced it had persuaded the California Air Resources Board to drop logging equipment regulation.

The Associated California Loggers formed a working group in tandem with California Forestry Association to educate the Air Board on how and where logging is performed and how the equipment is used.  For the past six years, they have been focused on the proposed diesel rules.  They conducted CARB staff tours of active logging sites and produced videos of demonstrating equipment in action for CARB Board and staff meetings.  ACL member companies came forward to describe their equipment issues to CARB staff in person.

As a result of these efforts, on February 9, 2013 at the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference, Tim Hartigan from the Off-Road Ag/Forestry Diesel Rule staff announced that proposed rule for agricultural and forestry equipment would only apply to the San Joaquin Valley Airshed.  This means the Central Coast is completely off the radar.  He also said tha there were no anticipated performance requirements coming.

One caveat – the decision is currently verbal only.  There is nothing in writing yet.  Workshops on the rule are likely to occur in mid-March 2013, with a draft Rule open for 45-day public comment likely in late September to the first of November.  The final Rule will come up for Board approval at the December 2013 Air Resources meeting.  Nothing is currently posted on the CARB calendar.  CCFA will monitor CARB as the Rule develops.

CCFA applauds everyone involved in this effort.

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