California Legislation 22 August 2016

by Cate Moore on August 23, 2016

The legislative session has passed the final date to amend the bills, August 15, and is now rushing to complete passage of what remains on the books.

The latest amendments on a number of bills raised some doubts on our part.

AB-197 was significantly rewritten on August 19.  It now has much more social engineering worked into the language with a great deal of emphasis on supposedly helping “disadvantaged communities”.  The true effect of the bill is likely to be even more job losses in these economically impacted areas as the regulatory burden on businesses becomes even heavier.

SB-1383 still has not dealt exempted the smoke from prescribed fires from its “anthropogenic black carbon” reduction goal.  Otherwise, the bill is now focusing on methane from land fills.

AB-2651 is becoming more dangerous to private landowners as the state’s love affair with conservation easements  for open space preservation and wildlife corridors continues.

Ditto for AB-2444, although there are also opportunities for private landowners with a higher tolerance for governmental involvement.

AB-1958 changed some of the criteria for reducing conifers from oak woodlands, some of which make no sense at all economically or biologically.  The bill now prohibits commercial use of any tree over 24″ at stump height felled for the project, including using the wood for on site fences and similar uses.  It also still has restriction on removing large conifers, ignoring the fact that these are the succession drivers that generate the most seeds.

AB-2087 just changed conservation planning into a Pay to Play scheme, requiring anyone who wants to participate to pay fees to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for the “privilege”.

Check the bills out in detail on our handy legislative table:  The first column provides a link into the text of the bill and its latest status.


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