California legislation – July 10, 2015

by Cate Moore on July 11, 2015

Next week will be incredibly busy, since the deadline for bills to pass the policy committees is July 18.  After that, the legislature goes on leave for a month, giving us all a breather.

 Actions of interest for this week:
 AB-56 Unmanned aircraft systems has been amended.  The changes still do not fully address the problems of public non-law enforcement agencies and private agencies using drones over private land without the permission of the landowner.
AB-453 Groundwater Management has been amended.  Changes were mad in the funding rules for the bill.  It still authorizes local agencies to impose fees and collect groundwater extraction information to be used to develop groundwater management plans.  It remains unclear how burdensome this will be for de minimis extractors.
AB-590 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund was amended to include geothermal power facilities as well as biomass power generation.
AB-939 Groundwater sustainability agencies was amended to establish groundwater sustainability agencies and include language that this bill is dependent in part on the passage of SB 13 and provide the protocol of merging the two bills in the code.
AB-1030 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. was amended to provide social engineering in targeting the jobs to be created for disadvantaged workers.
AB-1390 Groundwater: adjudication was amended to rescope the groundwater rights adjudication process to address entire groundwater basins comprehensively.
Our full legislation status table: Legislation_status_July_11_2015

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