CA Legislative Update June 12

by Cate Moore on June 13, 2015

This week was mostly spent assigning bills to their committees now that they have crossed over to the other legislative house.  A few bills did get amended and two bills caught my attention.

AB-453 has just added provisions that allow local water agencies to impose fees and collect data on groundwater extractions.  There is no mention of an exemption from this for de minimis users, which may mean that every one of us who has a well for household water could get looped into this, with as yet unknown fees and unknown monitoring and reporting requirements.

AB-644 continues to pursue a hammer-the-landowner approach to retaining open space.  Wouldn’t it work better if they put some effort into ensuring that state and local regulations made the open space uses they value so much profitable to the landowner too?  That’s what will ultimately reduce the pressure to convert to other uses.


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