Legislation Update – May 3

by Cate Moore on May 6, 2015

The second major milestone in the legislative calendar occurred on May 1.  This is the deadline for bills to leave their policy committees in their house of origin to remain active for this year.  In other words, a bill must be at least as far as the Appropriations Committee or on the floor to be considered alive.

Consequently, we have removed the tardy bills from our status table, shortening it by a couple of dozen bills.  We are not so foolish as to believe they are truly dead yet, so if any of them show activity in our legislative action subscriptions, we will return them to the table.

This snapshot was taken on May 3; since then, the legislature has introduced a flurry of amendments.  We will update this table frequently on the website as the amendments roll in and we have a chance to evaluate their impact.  We invite you to explore the bills yourselves by clicking the bill number in the table, it will take you directly to the bill where you can see the latest published information.


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