CA legislation update April 24, 2015

by Cate Moore on April 20, 2015

We have submitted several letters to the legislature concerning our positions on a wide variety of bills.  Below, you may read the list.  We have also included our updated legislation table.

This is a very unusual year in that there are several bills we find worthy of support and very few threats to our businesses and lifestyles.

Support SB-520                  Support SB-250                Support SB-198

Support SB-173                  Support SB-165                 Support AB-1345

Support AB-1329               Support AB-1202              Support AB-1032

Support AB-849                Support AB-777                 Support AB-761

Support AB-742                 Support AB-501                Support AB-435

Support AB-429                 Support AB-417                Support AB-301

Support AB-290                Support AB-243                Support AB-203

Support AB_56                  Support AB_19                  Support AB_12

The following bills press on our privacy rights, threaten our business prospects, or layer on more bureaucracy.

Oppose SB-480                 Oppose SB-448                 Oppose SB-20

Oppose AB-1288               Oppose AB-1251               Oppose AB-797

These bills present a mixed bag, some good and some bad together.  AB 498’s impact depends upon the method used to implement it.

Concerning AB-1398        Concerning AB-498

The latest status overall, including some upcoming hearing dates.


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