The shape of this year’s legislative committees

by Cate Moore on January 30, 2015

Bills of interest to our membership will pass through one or more of these committees.  We watch not only bills directly related to forestry, but also bills that affect rural living and the side aspects of running a forestry business, including water policy, air policy, wildlife policy, including endangered species, taxation, markets, and use of substances necessary for running our business like fuel for equipment.

The most important members of each committee are the chair and vice-chair.  These people have the most to say about whether or not a bill will advance through the committee.  We will also note each time one of our local representatives is on a specific committee.  After the committees of interest, we list each of our local representatives and which committees he/she is on.  We are providing links to each of these members of the legislature so you can get to know them and their interests.

Assembly Committees:

Agriculture:  Perea, Henry T. (Chair)    Gallagher, James (Vice Chair)

Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials:  Alejo, Luis A. (Chair)  Dahle, Brian (Vice Chair)

Natural Resources:  Williams, Das (Chair)  Dahle, Brian (Vice Chair)
Our local Mark Stone is on the committee

Water, Parks and Wildlife:  Levine, Marc (Chair)  Bigelow, Frank (Vice Chair)

Senate Committees:

Agriculture: Senator Cathleen Galgiani (Chair)  Senator Anthony Cannella (Vice Chair)

Environmental Quality: Senator Bob Wieckowski (Chair)  Senator Ted Gaines (Vice Chair)
Our local Senator Hill is on this committee

Natural Resources and Water: Senator Fran Pavley (Chair)   Senator Jeff Stone (Vice Chair)
Our local Senator Monning is on this committee

Joint Committees:

Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture:
Senate Members:
Senator Mike McGuire (Chair)
Assembly Members:
Wood, Jim (Vice Chair)
Achadjian, Katcho
Ting, Philip Y.
Williams, Das

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