Board of Forestry tackles incorporating AB 32 carbon tracking into forest management

by Cate Moore on September 22, 2014

AB 1504 (Skinner 2010) amends the Z’berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act of 1973 to guarantee that all its regulations governing commercial timber harvesting take into account the capacity of forests to sequester carbon.

The Board of Forestry is tackling the task right now and is accepting comments until September 26.  See 1504 for more information and to make your comments.

This essentially redefines the purpose of our forests.  The Air Board would like to see them serve primarily as carbon sinks and this bill requires us to calculate what we are absorbing as part of our timber harvest plans and demonstrate that our forestry operations do not adversely impact this carbon dioxide absorption function.

We do not feel that this notion serves the health of our forests.  Managing for carbon absorption can too easily lead to overstocking, which then leads to increased fire risk, disease and insect prone forests and drought intolerant landscapes.  We are all best served by focusing on healthy forests; the carbon absorption will come naturally from this.

A CCFA member farm submitted the following:

BoF AB 1504 carbon sequestration


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