Bills for SRA Fees are arriving in Santa Cruz County

by Cate Moore on June 8, 2014

Santa Cruz County residents should have received their SRA fee bill by now.

You will notice the amount has gone up slightly.  The SRA fee legislation (AB X1 29)requires for an adjustment for inflation, so this year’s bill is up by $2.33.

The Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association lawsuit continues; in the meantime, they have an updated procedure for appealing the billing.  You need to refile your protest annually to remain in the running for reimbursement if the tax/fee is overturned in court. We are reprinting their email for your convenience.

Updated forms are available on and now in Spanish too

Updated fire tax forms and new Spanish forms

Taxpayers are once again receiving fire tax bills in the mail.  To maximize your chances of receiving a refund, we encourage all who are impacted to file a Petition for Redetermination protesting the unfair tax every year.

We have posted an updated Petition for Redetermination on the site and for the first time have also posted a Spanish version.  If you have friends or neighbors whose first language is Spanish, you can now share this new resource with them.

Unfortunately, lawsuits are a slow process and this case has been even further drawn out due to stalling tactics by the state’s attorneys.

Rest assured, we believe the fire tax is an illegal tax passed without the two thirds vote required by Proposition 13 and we will continue to pursue this important fight until it reaches a resolution.

Click here to download a Petition for Redetermination.

Click here to download a Petition for Redetermination in Spanish.

Click here to like the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association on Facebook.

Please be aware is not monitored.  If you have any questions, you are invited to visit the FAQ section of our website here.


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