Legislation Update – May 22

by Cate Moore on May 17, 2014

CCFA has been having an impact on this legislative cycle.

The original text of AB-2239 »  – Forest Practices:management plans: change of ownership  contained language that stated that failure to notify the party purchasing your land about your NTMP if you have one is a crime.  This seemed like overkill for a bureaucratic misstep, so CCFA sent a letter opposing the bill unless this language was removed.  The legislature amended the bill to specifically state that it does not constitute a crime, then legislative staff contacted us as the bill approached the full assembly to ask us if we would lift our opposition, since questions were being asked.  We were pleased to do so and the bill is currently in the Senate.

We believe that most people will be using their NTMP as a selling point, so we really don’t think most failures to notify are intentional.

We would like to remind everyone holding NTMPs that the plans expire after a change of ownership if the new owner does not explicitly tell CAL FIRE that they are assuming ownership of the NTMP and this applies to estate transfers too.

Make sure you include in your estate instructions the procedure your heirs need to follow to transfer your NTMP to their control.

We have also been communicating with legislative staff regarding AB-1867 »    – Timber harvest plans: exemption: reducing flammable materials to explain the differences between redwood growth patterns and pine growth patterns and how thinning protocols designed for pine just won’t work in redwoods.  (photos_thinning_redwoods_under_AB_1867_requirements) Progress is being made on this front as well.

This is an important bill for the central coast region.  We need a workable bill that will allow landowners to thin their lands before the wildfires arrive.  You may read our letter to the legislature about the wildfire hazard here: AB_1867_ Timber harvest plans- exemption- reducing flammable materials

Finally, here is our latest legislation table: CA Legislation Progress 2014 fMay_22

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