Legislative Update – August 30

by Cate Moore on September 3, 2013

We have reached the legislative deadline where, theoretically, all bills must be out of committees and on the legislative floors.

AB-904 (Working Forests Management Plan) passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on August 30 after some eleventh hour modifications to the bill.  The current language excludes the Southern Subdistrict form the bill’s provisions and extracts all of the small landowner provisions.

This has rendered the bill irrelevant to Central Coast forestry.  We are disappointed, but understand that politics is not the practice of what is right but what is possible in a given social climate.

Most of the bills that were in their respective Appropriation Suspense File have emerged and been sent on to the Floor.  The bills currently on the floor are:

  • AB-8 (Alternative fuel and vehicle technologies: funding programs),
  • AB-374 (Eminent domain: compensation: loss of goodwill.),
  • AB-976 (Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976:enforcement: penalties),
  • SB-1 (Sustainable Communities Investment Authority),
  • SB-11 (Alternative fuel and vehicle technologies: funding programs),
  • SB-731 (Environment: California Environmental Quality Act and sustainable communities strategy),
  • SB-749 (Habitat protection: endangered species).

These bills are now before the governor:

CA Legislation Progress 2013_ August_30

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