Legislation Update September 6, 2013

by Cate Moore on September 8, 2013

We are closing in on the end of the California legislation calendar.  The date for amending a bill has now passed.  We took some hits in AB 904 – the Southern Subdistrict (that’s us) has been excluded from the bill at the eleventh hour – and SB 132 has been signed by the governor, so now the Mountain Lion rules are even more ridiculous. SB 749 had an extension to the time for developing California’s version coho recovery plan slipped in, like we needed another one. AB 1213, which regulates bobcat trapping is still alive. Here’s the current scorecard:

AB-8 Alternative fuel and vehicle technologies: funding programs is currently in the Senate Second Reading file.

AB-278 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Low Carbon Fuel Standard was ordered to the inactive file by Senator De Leon.

AB-374 Eminent domain: compensation: loss of goodwill has been passed by the legislature and sent to the governor

AB-502 Commercial law: secured transactions is in the Senate Third Reading file.

AB-763 Aquatic invasive plants: control and eradication is in the Senate Third Reading file.

AB-904 Forestry: working forest management plan was made irrelevant to Central Coast forest landowners by the September 3 amendment which excludes the Southern Subdistrict from the bill.  This is very disappointing to those of us who have worked hard on the bill in out area.

AB-976 Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976:enforcement: penalties is currently in concurrence in the Assembly.  It passed the Senate 21 to 18, so obviously there is some controversy.

AB-1213 The Bobcat protection act of 2013 is on the Senate Floor in the Third Reading file.  It was last amended on September 3; the amendments expanded the calendar for enacting the bill.

AB-1330 Environmental Justice is on the Senate floor in the Second Reading File.  It was extensively amended on September 6 to identify and track the 15% most environmentally impacted communities in the State, raise the fines for environmental violations that produced leaks or emissions in these communities, and use these fines for improving the environment in these communities.  It also added a large section about reducing and containing hazardous wastes.

SB-1 Sustainable Communities Investment Authority is in the Assembly Third Reading File.

SB-11 Alternative fuel and vehicle technologies: funding programs is in the Assembly Third Reading File.  Much of the bill was stricken in the 9/6 amendment and it now requires the passage of AB 8 and a 2/3 majority to proceed.

SB-132 Mountain lions has been signed by the governor.

SB-436 Port Hueneme Beach shoreline protection – this bill is no longer a CEQA bill.  It was gutted and amended at the final hour and is on a lightning run through the legislature.  If now requires 2/3 vote to pass.

SB-731 Environment: California Environmental Quality Act and sustainable communities strategy is in the Assembly Third Reading file.  The latest amendment removed measurable standards for determining if an environmental impact is significant.  This removed the only part of this bill we found beneficial.

SB-749 Habitat protection: endangered species is in the Assembly Third Reading file.  The latest amendment slipped in an extension to developing and implementing a pilot recovery plan for coho salmon.  I expect this plan is entirely independent of the NMFS plan.

CA Legislation Progress 2013_ September 6

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