Invasive Exotic Alert – New Mosquitos

by Cate Moore on September 8, 2013

An article in the Santa Cruz Farm Bureau’s newsletter, Between the Furrows – August 2013, alerted us that there are a pair of recently introduced invasive exotic mosquitos in the state.  So far, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus have only been found in southern California.  Aedes aegypti  has settled in Los Angeles County and Aedes albopictus has been detected in Fresno County, and Madera County. They have not yet been detected in Santa Cruz County.

Most of our native mosquitos bite from dusk to dawn, but these new invaders are aggressive daytime biters.  They are small black and white insects with white banding on their legs.  They can breed in even tiny amounts of water, such as the water held in a paper cup, and the eggs will remain viable for a long time after their reservoir has dried, waiting until it is re-flooded to hatch.

What can you do?

  •  Report an mosquito bites received in daylight hours to the Vector Control District
  •  Use repellents
  •  Eliminate standing water and potential containers

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