Legislation Update for June 8, 2013

by Cate Moore on June 9, 2013

It’s been a relatively quiet week in California legislation.  Last week was the deadline for a bill to leave its house of origin and move to the other house, so there was a flurry of activity.  This week, the bulk of the action has been dedicated to logging the bills into the next house, assigning them to committees and setting up the next round of hearings.

This week’s legislative table has the bills that are still alive designated in red.  There are a couple of bills that are still listed in the Third Reading file in their house of origin like AB 8; I’m not sure what this means – is it still alive or is it dead for the year?  Those are in blue.

It also seems that the constitutional amendment bills – those designated with an SCA – are subject to their own unique schedule.  All of this year’s lot are addressing Prop-13 dodges.  SCA 7 and SCA 11 will be having committee hearings soon.

Please see the latest in our table.  CA Legislation Progress 06_08_2013

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