Fish and Wildlife mishandled funds

by Cate Moore on March 26, 2013

The Associated California Loggers reports that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has joined Parks and Recreation and CalFIRE in the “bad-boys” list of agencies with the revelation that they also were maintaining funds outside the normal budget process. ┬áThe mishandled funds total $1.7 million for 2012, with no information yet available for other years.

The department was reported by their director to the Attorney General and a state ethics watchdog committee.

The tally of redirected funds to date:

  • Parks and Recreation: $20 million
  • CalFIRE: $3.6 million
  • Fish and Wildlife: $1.7 million

The Association California Loggers will be keeping this accounting predilection in mind as discussions continue on the handling of the 1492 tax funds and how the review agencies are going to be staffing these functions.

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