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CCFA Volume 14, Issue 2-August 2014

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Winter/Spring 2010

Diesel Documentation Requirements
First-Ever Study Quantifies the Economic Impact of Private, Working Forests in the U.S.A
Anadromous Salmonid Protection Rules Take Effect
Shaded Fuel Breaks Are a Great Tool for Forest Fire Fighters
Cold Slap in the Face for Global Warming Believers
Sierra Club Files Lawsuit Against Bohemian Grove NTMP
Senator Joe Simitian Withdraws SB 211
Michael Fay Impressed with Central Coast Forestry Practices

For the articles, please read:   Vol9Iss4A

Fall 2009

CCFA Finishes Interviews with Santa Cruz County Supervisors
Neal Coonerty
Mark Stone
Revision to Water Quality Monitoring
Lockheed Fire Gives Swanton Pacific Ranch Opportunities for Hydrology Studies
CCFA Urges Members to Boycott FPP
The Lockheed Fire – A Personal Experience
New Rules Are Adopted for Protection of Watercourses
Taxes Fund Environmental Suits

For the articles, please read:   CCFA Volume 9Issue 3

Summer 2009

CCFA Continues to Interview Santa Cruz County Supervisors
Interview with Tony Campos
CCFA Annual Meeting
Interview with Ellen Pirie
Water Quality Board Adopts Changes to Waiver
CCFA Co-founder Bob Briggs Succumbs

For the articles, please read:   CCFA Volume 9Issue 2

Spring 2009

CCFA Interviews Santa Cruz County Supervisors
Interview with John Leopold
Legislative Alert – SB 211
CCFA Annual Meeting – June 20
Management Transition at Big Creek

For the articles, please read:  CCFA Volume 9Issue 1

Winter 2009

Diesel Regulations Update
Advisory Notice
Water Quality Update
New Rules Are Proposed for Protection of Watercourses in Threatened and Impaired Watersheds
Notes on the State Budget

For the articles, please read:  CCFAVol8,Iss4

Fall 2008

California Red-Legged Frog Update
Choices, Changes and Consequences
Going, Going, Gone
Water Quality Board Provides Relief
Los Gatos Logging Plan Nixed
Red-legged Frogs – Another Perspective
Fallout From SJCWC’s Timber Harvest Permit Failure
Diesel Regulation Update

For the articles, please read: CCFA Volume 8Issue 3 

Summer 2008

Annual Meeting a Big Success
Tim Peet of Santa Cruz Timber Co. Given the CCFA Forestry Excellence Award
Burton Family Receives CCFA Forestry Excellence Award
While California Burns
Post-Fire Restoration on Timberland
Thomas Bonnicksen Tours Local Fire Sites
Items of Interest to Timberland Owners

  • Water Board News
  • Coho ITP
  • New Red-legged Frog Rules

Water Quality Control Board Hearing
Diesel Emissions Regulations Update July 2008
Forester Gary Paul Joins CCFA Board

For the articles, please read: CCFA Volume 8Issue 2

Spring 2008

Noted Local Historian, Sandy Lydon, to Speak at Annual Membership Meeting
Vote Yes on Prop. 98
CCFA Joins Legal Challenge to Board of Forestry’s Rulemaking Authority
Global Cooling: Amazing Pictures of Countries Joining Britain in the Big Freeze
Water Board Meeting – March 21, 2008
California’s Fast Track Path to Losing its Forest Lands: It’s the Money, Stupid!
Senate Hearing on Death Tax Suggests Same Tax, Different Name
Dick Burton Resigns, Gary Paul Joins CCFA Board
New Rules for Frogs and Snake

For the articles, please read: logv8i1   

Winter 2008

Assault on TP Allowed Uses by Humboldt County
Meet Our New Director, Doug White
More Agency Delays in the Timber Harvest Plan Review Process
CCRWQCB – What You Can Do to Help
Sierra Acres Go Up For Sale
CCFA’s Concern
Educate the Public About Agriculture’s Benefits, Says Montana Logger
The Power to Conserve Forests
What’s Wrong With This Picture?

For the articles, please read: CCFAVol7Iss4

Fall 2007

Carbon Mitigation by Biofuels of by Saving and Restoring Forests?
Protocols Put Trees Ahead of Forests
Steps to Timber Harvest Plan Approval in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Timber Sales Drop
What CCFA Has Been Doing to Support its Members
Agricultural Crime Office Opens
CCFA Loses a Board Member and Good Friend
Why Would You Pay 100% More TAXES to CSA 48?

For the articles, please read: CCFAVol7Iss3

Summer 2007

Brian Campbell Receives 2007 Forestry Excellence Award
Founding Director Bob Briggs Retires from the CCFA Board with the CCFA Forestry Excellence Award
Brian Dietterick Gives Keynote Talk at CCFA Annual Meeting
On the Water’s Edge
Annual Meeting and Best BBQ Ever
What CCFA Has Been Doing
Board of Forestry Update
As We See It: The Fire Next Time
Applications to Rezone Land to TPZ Under Current Rules Due Soon

For the articles, please read: CCFAVol7Iss2

Spring 2007

Introducing Two New Directors
Introducing Janet Webb, Forester
CCFA Website Resurrected
CCFA Friend, Attorney, Russ Brooks Passes Away
Timber Production Zonings
Redwood and Green Spaces
World Forestry Center Discovery Museum, Portland, Oregon
What CCFA Has Been Doing For You

For the articles, please read: CCFAVol7Iss1

Winter 2006

Leading Scholars Defend Fellow Forest Scientist Against Academic Environmentalist Attack
Introducing Frank and Loretta Estrada, Ranchers and Timberland Owners
Al Gore Weighs in on Local Logging
Editorial Comment
Trying to Corner NOAA Fisheries, aka NMFS
Private Roads Synopsis
The Pacific Legal Foundation and the Alsea II Lawsuit
October Surprise – Central Coast Water Quality Control Board requiring revisions in already issued waivers
Proposition 90 Tanks
Note from the Nuthouse – Noah in 2006

For the articles, please read: Vol6Issue3

Summer 2006

What is happening with the Supreme Court?!!
Introducing Steve Staub
California Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Coho Listing Case
CCFA Annual Meeting and BBQ at the Swanton Pacific Railroad College Park
Supreme Court Borke the Law
CCFA/Big Creek Coho Salmon Study to Appear in August “Fisheries”
Sacramento vs. Timberlandowners

For the articles, please read: CCFA Volume 6, Issue 2

Spring 2006

CCFA President Peter Twight Retires; Cate Moore Elected President
Introducing CCFA Board Member Jim Hildreth
CCFA (Finally) Has a New Logo!
Who Needs Obstacles When You’ve Got the Water Board?
Sawmill Closures in California
The THP Process Has Gotten Fat
CCFA Taking Aggressive Legal Actions on Behalf of Forestland Owners
Notes from the Nuthouse:
Improve Your Forests… Drive a Big Gas Guzzler
German Scientists Report That Your Trees and Lawn Cause Global Warming

For the articles, please read: logv6i1

Fall/Winter 2005

Forester Dale Holderman Receives Forestry Excellence Award
CCFA Annual Meeting and BBQ
Forester Jim Hildreth Elected to CCFA Board
Attorney James L. Buchal Now Working with CCFA and Big Creek
Book Review: “The Great Salmon Hoax”
Historic ESA Overhaul
CCFA Works to Protect Private Forestland
AOL Reports of Sediment Myth

For the articles, please read:  logv5i2

Spring 2005

Introducing CCFA Founding Member Charles Burton
Sierra Club Victory of Private Property Rights
Commentary: ‘ESA Has a Zero Percent Rate of Success’
Water Board Regulation Looms for Forestry
Model Trumps Reality
Saboteurs Poison Big Creek Hatchery Steelhead
CCFA/Big Creek De-listing Petition Rejected by Fish and Game Commission at Public Hearing
CCFA Responds to Amicus Curiae Filings in Support of Santa Cruz County
County’s New Proposed Parcel Tax
FBI Identifies Eco-Terrorism as the Leading Threat in America

For the articles, please read:  logv5i1

Winter 2005

Introducing CCFA President Peter Twight
History of  CCFA/Big Creek vs Santa Cruz County and Coastal Commission
State Fish and Game Commission to Hear CCFA Coho Listing Petition
Oregon Measure 37 Sets a High Mark in Restoring Property Rights
CCFA Joins Lawsuit Challenging Proposed Hatchery Policy and ESA Relistings of Salmon and Steelhead Throughout the West
Why “Endangered” Fish Matter to Central Coast Forestland Owners
What is CCFA Doing Now?
Regional Water Board Seeks Easy Solution to a Difficult Problem
In Memoriam: Dave Smelt

For the articles, please read:  logv4i4

Fall 2004

Introducing Cate and Eric Moore: CCFA Founding Members and Directors
The Water Board must be Bored!
Recent CCFA Board Activity
Marbled Murrelet Listing to be Re-examined
CCFA Vice President Dave Smelt Died October 29, 2004
No So Greenpeace
Santa Cruz County Proposes to Dump on Forestland
Sempervirens Fund Flips, Pushes Plastic
Frivolous Environmental Lawsuits Hurt Economy, Environment, and Taxpayer
Letter from Dick Burton to Roger Briggs, Executive Officer, Regional Water Quality Control Board
Forest Bill Vetoed

For the articles, please read:  logv4i3

Summer 2004

CCFA Legal Battle Moves to the State Supreme Court
CCFA and Big Creek Lumber Co. Petition State Fish and Game Commission
Dale Geldert of Oceanside Named Head of CDF
Introducing Fabian Alvarado: Researcher and CCFA Webmaster
Minutes From the CCFA Annual Meeting 4/14/04
Commonsense Management of Resources: Beware the disconnect between lumber and forest
Governor Would Cut Logging Red Tape: Fewer rules, higher fees proposed
Things the Sierra Club Never Told Us

For the articles, please read: logv4i2

Spring 2004

CCFA and Big Creek Lumber Prevail on All Counts in Sixth Appellate Court Ruling of Lawsuit Against Santa Cruz County and State Coastal Commission
CCFA’s Bob Briggs and Fabian Alvarado Honored by California’s Forest Industry for Forest Research Achievement
Court Victory Upholding the Rights of Private Timberland Owners!
Don’t Waste Money
Truth vs. “Factoids” in Public Decision-Making
Regional Water Quality COntrol Board Regulations will Place an Onerous Burden on All Forestland Owners
Book Review: “The Real Environmental Crisis – Why Poverty, Not Affluence, is the Environment’s Number One Enemy”
Meet our new CCFA Newsletter Editor

For the articles, please read: logv4i1

Fall 2003

 Latest from the Legal Arena
NMFS Misplaces CCFA’s Petition to De-List
CCFA has a Website

For the articles, please read:  logv3i3

Summer 2003

Timber Firms Overwhelmed by Environmentalists and Regulators: Costly regulations, intrusions and legal actions are devastating the West Coast timber industry
Environmentalists Fear that Salmon Recovery Due to Natural Climate Cycle “Will Break Their Rice Bowl”
California Forest Businesses are a Threatened Species
California Cedar Products Permanently Closes
Mendocino Forest Products Will Close Fort Bragg Sawmill on August 1
Report from the Courthouse
The Nuthouse explores:
State Government Discovers Amazing New Concept in Tree-Age Classification
Why Can’t You Ever Find an Extinct Species When You Really Need One?
Environmentalists May Sue to Ban Use of Fire Retardant
RMC Pacific Materials Timber Harvest Plan Favorably Received by Public
Suddjian’s Ten-Year Field Study of Central Coast Marbled Murrelets FInds Minimal Logging Impact
David Starr Jordan, (1851-1931) Icthyologist, Explorer, Educator, Writer
CCFA Leads the Quest for a Better Future for West Coast Forestry

 For the articles, please read:  logv3i2

Winter 2003

CCFA Honored for Sustainable Forestry and Forestland Property Rights Achievements
CCFA Petitions Federal Government to Remove Central COast Streams from Coho Salmon ESU: Coho are probably not indigenous to this locale
Nuthouse explores:
Rough and Ready Lumber Company shuts down while next door $500 million in lumber rots in wildfire site
Saving steelhead by removing reservoirs, thus drying up available instream habitat
Why there are no coho bones in local ancient native middens – a scenario
Pacific Legal Foundation Leads Four Statewide Resource Organizations in Support of CCFA Lawsuit Appeal
Introducing CCFA’s Bob Berlage: Scholar, Woodsman, Communicator, Community Leader, Calendar Model
Central Coast Forest Owners Dodge Another Bullet at CCRWQCB Hearing
California Coastal Commission is unconstitutional says appellate court
Judge Declares that Santa Cruz Earth First boss has “unclean hands”

 For the articles, please read:  logv3i1

Fall 2002

CCFA Vice President, Dave Smelt, Seriously Injured in a Tractor Accident
National Marine Fisheries Service Defaults in Response to CCFA Petition; CCFA files second petition re. central coast coho salmon
Book Review: “America’s Ancient Forests: From the Ice Age to the Age of Discovery”
Legal Action Progress
CO2 Released by Petroleum Use Barely Keeps Up with Forest Demand
The Nuthouse looks at Green Wildfire

 For the articles, please read: logv2i2

Spring 2002

Terrorists Target Central Coast Loggers, Let’s worry about the terrorists in our own back yard as well as those in the middle east
Introducing VP Dave Smelt
Book Review: “Natural Process: Than Environmental Laws May Serve the Laws of Nature”
Bogus Data Enhance Government Official’s Professional Growth – false evidence of endangered Canadian lynx planted in Washington State
Another Biostitute Foiled – false allegations about peticieds and the food supply
When it comes to ES listing, any old excuse will do: coho salmon
CCFA Lawsuit Appeal: The Gauntlet is Down and the Clock is Running

For the articles, please read:  logv2i1

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